And so Core Social was born…

Hi, I’m Helen, Founder of Core Social. Every business has a beginning. I love asking entrepreneurs about the origins of their business, finding out how business came about. So I want to share my story, the Core Social story.

Anthony in Wetherspoons where Core Social was born
Core Social was born during this Wetherspoons lunch (no it was not a liquid lunch!)

Believe it or not, Core Social was actually born one Thursday afternoon whilst sitting in Wetherspoons with my partner Anthony, enjoying a Spoon’s lunch! Chatting about my future and what path I wanted my career to take, we decided that I should take the leap of faith by finishing the job that I loved to go solo and take on the world of Social Media freelancing.

I have only really had 2 jobs. The first was within the aerospace industry as a Business Development Executive for an American company. I was there for 14 years since the age of 20. Leaving that job was hard as it was all I knew. But I was so glad I did, as it lead me to the job of my dreams (cheesy I know, and no pun intended!) AND a new career, which would eventually lead me to my own social media business.

Me (Helen) during my first week at Eatlean
Me during my first week at Eatlean

My 4 years at Eatlean were a blast. I grew and developed myself as a person as well as professionally and also had the opportunity to meet some of my idols within the nutrition and fitness world. My social media management experience was built ‘on the job’…sometimes you learn quicker when thrown in the deep end!

Growing the Eatlean social media to where it was before I left has got to be one of the biggest achievements of my career. A result of hard work, commitment and persistence (inside and outside of working hours). I built a very loyal community through constant engagement, which to a brand is imperative to organic brand growth.

Away from Eatlean, my success was being recognised, and I was approached for ‘out-of-hours’ work. After agreeing and taking them on, I realised that I knew more than I gave myself credit for. To me, a lot of social media management strategies are common sense, but I am now understanding that to some, in particular independent business owners, this is not the case.

Helen at Core Social taking a photo for social media marketing content for one of her Core Social clients
Helen at Core Social taking a photo for social media marketing content for one of her Core Social clients

I also realised that there are many small business owners out there who know social media is an imperative tool to brand and revenue growth, but they don’t have the time or skills to manage social media platforms. Seeing the growth of the businesses that I had initially taken on and receiving the gratitude from those business owners, made me feel like I was making a positive difference to someone’s livelihood…this felt amazing and I wanted more.

And so, Core Social was born.

Helen at Core Social taking a photo for social media marketing content for one of her Core Social clients

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